2023 Tax Return Checklists: Your Key to Stress-Free Tax Preparation

Many of our clients like to organise their tax return documents ahead of their appointment. Getting organised before tax time is the best way to get the most out of your tax refund.

To help ease the stress of tax time, we’ve put together these Tax Return Checklists and Tax Return Organisers to help you prepare your tax return.

2023 Individual Tax Return Organiser (Interactive PDF)

With our interactive PDF Tax Return Organiser, you can easily navigate through a series of step-by-step instructions and interview-style questions. These questions are specifically designed to assist you in gathering the necessary information and documents for your tax return. Plus, the interactive format allows you to fill in the form progressively as you move through each step.

Get the checklist here: 2023 Individual Tax Return Organiser

2023 Individual Tax Return Checklist

Should you require a straightforward checklist that outlines all the information you may need to compile for your tax return appointment, we've got you covered. We have prepared a comprehensive list that encompasses potential income sources and tax-deductible expenses. To access this useful resource, simply click here.

Get the checklist here: 2023 Individual Tax Return Checklist

2023 Rental Property Tax Checklist & Organiser

Complete your rental property tax return accurately and efficiently. Our interactive PDF Rental Property Tax Checklist is a practical tool designed to assist you in assembling all required documents for the rental property section of your 2023 tax return. You can use it as a guide to collect the necessary information, or you can directly fill in the relevant fields and submit the checklist to our team. Please ensure you have digital copies of your source documents ready for our review.

Get the checklist organiser here: 2023 Rental Property Tax Checklist

Record Keeping Reminder

Please keep a copy of your completed Tax Return Checklists, Organisers and all supporting documents in a safe place. The ATO requires you to retain your tax information for a minimum of 5 years. For long-term items such as significant equipment and investments, records are required to be kept for a minimum of 5 years after the last time it had an effect on your tax.

Important Note

To better serve our clients, we've made these checklists easily available on our website. However, please ensure you have received approval and have formally established a client relationship with our firm before you submit your completed tax return checklists.

Simply submitting these checklists doesn't automatically establish you as a client of our firm, and we maintain the right to decline service as needed. Also, we must be able to verify the identity of all our clients to provide our services, in line with our standard due diligence procedures and to comply with ATO and TPB requirements. This step is crucial to uphold the integrity and security of our services. We appreciate your understanding and compliance in this matter.

Please contact our team for further information (03) 9746 6479.