Melbourne Lockdown Dates Summarised

Applicable to the 2020 financial year, 2021 financial year, and 2022 financial year.

Melbourne Lockdown Dates will be of interest to you if you're a taxpayer living in Melbourne.

The COVID-19 pandemic will mean that you've likely had to work from home due to the various Melbourne lockdowns. Some Melbourne taxpayers have been working from home since 31st March 2020, possibly earlier.

As accountants and tax agents in Melbourne, we've asissted taxpayers in working out their working from home tax deductions for the 2020 tax return and 2021 tax return. With the lockdowns extending into the 2022 financial year, we will no doubt be assisting with working from home tax deductions in the 2022 financial year as well.

To be able to work out your working from home tax deduction you will need to keep a record of the days from which you work from home. Every taxpayer's circumstances will differ and not all Melburnians will have worked at home on the same dates throughout 2020 and 2021 financial years. However, the following guide will assist you by outlining the Melbourne lockdown dates from 2020 through to August 2021.

Melbourne Lockdown 1 dates:

Tuesday 31st March 2020 to Tuesday 12th May 2020. A total of 43 calendar days.

This includes 6 Saturdays, 6 Sundays and two public holidays being Good Friday and Easter Monday. Therefore the total workdays during Melbourne Lockdown 1 is 29 calendar days.

Melbourne Lockdown Dates

Melbourne Lockdown 2 dates:

Thursday 9th July 2020 to Tuesday 27th October 2020. A total of 111 calendar days.

This includes 16 Saturdays, 16 Sundays, and one public holiday being 'Friday before the AFL Grand Final' on Friday 23rd October 2020. Therefore the total workdays during Melbourne Lockdown 2 is 78 days.

Some Melbourne taxpayers, such as office workers, may have worked at their workplace during part of Lockdown 2 from 9th July, 2020 to Wednesday 5th August, 2020. From midnight Wednesday 5th August, 2020 a hard lockdown was imposed on metro-Melbourne whereby only essential and permitted workers could leave home to attend work.

Melbourne Lockdown 3 dates:

Saturday 13th February 2021 to Wednesday 17th February 2021. A total of 5 calendar days.

This excludes 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday. Total workdays during Melbourne Lockdown 3 is 3 days.

Melbourne Lockdown 4 dates:

Friday 28th May 2021 to Thursday 10th June 2021. A total of 14 calendar days.

This excludes 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays. Total workdays during Melbourne Lockdown 4 is 10 days.

Melbourne Lockdown 5 dates:

Friday 16th July 2021 to Tuesday 27th July 2021. A total of 12 calendar days.

This excludes 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays. Total workdays during Melbourne Lockdown 5 is 8 days.

Melbourne Lockdown 6 dates:

Thursday 5th August 2021 to Thursday 21st October 2021. A total of 77 calendar days.

This excludes 11 Saturdays, 11 Sundays and 1 public holiday (being the Friday before AFL Grand Final).