Perhaps you're looking to buy your first home, or you already have one or more mortgages. You may be seeking a commercial loan or equipment finance. No matter your finance needs, we’ll outline the key benefits of using the services of a Mortgage Broker versus dealing directly with a bank.

Did you know that more than 59% of Australians prefer to arrange their mortgages and loans with a trusted Mortgage Broker, rather than deal with a bank?

We are Accountants and Advisors who are trusted by thousands of clients. Our clients know that we actively promote the importance of seeking quality and impartial advice when it comes to securing a loan.

Just as clients form a long-term professional partnership with us as their accountant, we recommend our clients foster the same professional relationship with an experienced mortgage broker. Don't have a mortage broker? Our expert Mortgage Broker in Melton is ready to help you.

What will a Mortgage Broker do you for you?

Clients often ask us how a mortgage broker can help them. An experienced Mortgage Broker will:

Offer you a minimum of 30 different lenders

The biggest advantage of using a mortgage broker instead of a bank is the array of choice. When you use the services of a mortgage broker you are effectively accessing hundreds of loan product options. Your broker will work closely with you to compare loan options and determine which will best suit your needs. Contrast this to dealing  with the bank directly. They will only offer you their bank’s limited loan products.

Find the right loan for your needs

Obviously not all loans are created equal, and your specific finance needs are likely going to be very different to those of the next person. A mortgage broker’s job is to navigate the vast sea of finance products and find one that is right for you. Mortgage Brokers are armed with sophisticated software and a deep knowledge of hundreds of products, which makes their services more valuable and helpful to you than a bank.

Regularly review your loan

Not only will your mortgage broker find the right loan for your needs, they will continue to monitor your loans and advise you if a more suitable product becomes available. Your mortgage broker is proactively working for you in the background, while a bank will rely on your complacency and never recommend a better deal for you.

Save you thousands in interest

A great mortgage broker will always ensure your loan is secured at the lowest possible interest rate. With access to hundreds of loan products and exclusive access to ‘broker only’ lenders, you’re much more likely to secure a better interest rate compared with approaching the bank directly. You'll be saving on interest right out of the gate. And you’ll save thousands in interest throughout the life of your loan because your mortgage broker is diligently monitoring your loans behind the scenes. Your broker will contact you the moment a better deal is available.

Be your personal banker

Think of your mortgage broker as your personal banker and trusted finance guide. Once your loan is in place, your broker will be your first point of contact about your loan and any future financing needs you may have. Your mortgage broker will only be a phone-call or email away when you need them. A mortgage broker offers an impartial and personalised level of customer service that a bank can never offer you. Your mortgage broker is in it for the long-haul and there for you every step of the way.  Banks tend to move their staff around, making it difficult for you to form a long-term professional relationship. Who will always have your back? Your mortgage broker will of course.

Provide a free service

Mortgage brokers generally offer a complimentary ‘no fee’ service to their clients. That’s right, they put in hours and hours of work into finding you the best deal, all at no cost to you. From time to time unusual or complex lending situations do arise. Loans such as non-conforming loans or SMSF non-recourse loans can be complex, and your mortgage broker may require a fee before embarking on the the work involved to secure your finance. In such cases, you’ll be provided with full disclosure of any fees and payments required before the work is carried out.

Benefit from their experience

Sometimes you’ll need specialised assistance with your loan, and that’s something you simply can’t get from a bank. An experienced Mortgage Broker will have worked with a variety of clients, loan-types and lenders. This means that they are best placed to assist with all possible finance needs.

Bank employees generally don’t have the training or experience across all facets of lending, which means your finance application may be declined as a result of the bank employee’s inexperience.

You may be a first home buyer and feeling confused by the seeming complexity of the home loan application process. Or perhaps you’re already a homeowner and you’re wondering whether you have the best mortgage deal that the market can offer?

No matter where you're at in your finance journey, our expert Melton Mortgage Broker is ready to help you. Don't waste your time researching mortgages and home loans when you can call our Melton office on 03 9746 6479 to arrange a meeting with our experienced Mortgage Broker in Melton.