For over ten years, Corinne has provided award winning business advisory and expert tax advice to small business and individuals. Corinne is far from your traditional accountant. Bright, positive and energetic, she brings to the accounting profession a much needed zest and an infectious feel-good factor.

Red flags that can trigger an ATO tax audit

The last financial year has witnessed a record number of tax audits. and with the ATO actively stepping up its inspection of business transactions across the board, utmost vigilance must be exercised at all times with the recording of your business transactions. In order to help you avoid such a stressful, time-consuming and costly tax audit, we’ve put together a list of some triggers you should be aware of.

8 Reasons to switch to cloud accounting

As a small business owner you know that bookkeeping is a necessary evil. When done inefficiently, it saps time and energy from the core revenue-generating functions of your business. If your business hasn’t already adopted cloud accounting technology, then here are 8 compelling reasons to make the switch now.